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Creative Loris - Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Creative Loris is a full service digital marketing agency based out of Pondicherry. We have our offices in Chennai, Madurai and Dindigul, apart from Puducherry. As soon as we started our works in 2020, the global pandemic has forced us all to work from home. Now, we are a completely remote working team with our creative professionals working from 7 different cities and 3 different states. This new work from home culture has in fact helped us to increase the productivity of our team while maintaining a lean business model. Our customer-centric business process has already helped dozens of clients and we continue to amaze new businesses everyday.

Are you the next one?

Our Vision

To be a catalyst and help bring the digital revolution to the conventional businesses and new startups. To become an inseparable and indispensable part of the 1 trillion dollar economy of Tamil Nadu and the 5 trillion dollar Indian economy.

Our Mission

To help 1000 entrepreneurs and businesses start their digital journey by providing them with timely, effective and affordable business solutions. To be a trustworthy partner for businesses and help them grow beyond conventional boundaries and inhibitors.

Why the Name – Creative Loris?

Loris has been the guide and path breaker for sailors of Tamil Nadu since times immemorial. The peculiar nature of the animal to sit only facing the North has served as the natural compass for sailors who sailed the uncharted seas and oceans. So, no wonder that we loved Loris, the endangered animal that is least known around the world.

The services that we offer, in spite of being across a wide spectrum, can be broadly classified as creative in nature. We help create new solutions and strategies for our clients. Our role in your journey resembles that of the Loris’ in the ancient ships. We show you the path to success and guide you safely around the turbulent waters, hard rocks, and other dangers of the digital ocean. We help you to go everywhere and do everything.

Do Everything, With Us.

Our Principles

As a lean team built on strong principles rather than a hefty principal, we take pride in our staunch adherence to our core principles and belief systems. Our evolving & ever growing team is built on these belief systems and these principles are ingrained in everything we do.


We are committed to see your success. We evaluate our success on the basis of your success. We are committed to see your grow in your personal, business, or social endeavours. We are of the strong opinion that we grow only by helping others grow.


We ensure reliability in all our solutions. We promise that Creative Loris will be your reliable and trustworthy partner in your digital journey and business growth. Our team travels the extra mile to provide reliable and time-proof solutions to your problems.


Our team is always eager to learn new things and help you in newer ways. We are eager to build that solution for you, make that marketing campaign work for you or deliver those media files much before the deadline.


Starting shop in 2020, it goes without a saying that our team is adaptable. We had to change our modus operandi amidst uncertain times and situations. We know that your needs and wants are also dynamic in nature. Our team adapts as per changing situation and changing requirements and provide you with the best possible solution.
Oue Values

Team Work

Our tightly knit team has proved that no matter how hard the problem is, when we work together we can overcome all difficulties and challenges. We view ourselves as partners in your growth journey. We work like an extension of your core team. When we work together with you, you become a part of our Creative Loris family. We believe in our own adage, “Once a client, always a friend.”


Innovation is the natural successor of necessity. Our team constantly innovates new ways to achieve your goals. We create smarter and better solutions for your business. Our solutions are custom made for your business needs. We don’t believe in one size fits all solutions.

Values First, Velocity Next

We look forward to grow along with you but never at the cost of you. There are shortcuts to success but the ladders also come with snakes and we don’t take that path. For us, values are more important than the velocity of growth. Similarly, if we don’t find your business rooted in values, then we don’t work with you.


Every time we communicate, we put ourselves in your shoes. We understand the challenges and issues faced by you and provide you with the best solutions. Similarly, we put ourselves in the shoes of your customers / clients. This way, we know what your customers need and help you help them better. Empathy ensures better solutions for all.

Thinking to Start a Project?

Stop overthinking. We're waiting for your message. Tell us what you've in your mind through WhatsApp. We will get back to you with project timeline.

6Cs of Our Creative Process



We believe that there are many solutions for a given problem or scenario. We provide you with possible solutions and how we can go ahead with the project. This is to provide you with the possible alternatives.



We let you choose or help you choose the most effective and efficient solution for your specific needs. Based on your business goals and immediate needs, we prioritise the works.



This is where the magic happens. We factor in other variables that might have been overlooked previously and create the solution that will work the best for your needs.



Perfection is a journey and what suits one might not suit the other. We believe that there is a need for refinement in all solutions. We customise and make those tiny changes that you want in the final solution.



All good things must come to an end. We love what we do, but a ship is not meant to be on the docks forever. We conclude the project by testing the solution in real world conditions and finally, transfer it to you!



You came to us for a reason. We know that everyone can’t be good at everything. So, we coach your team and help them to put the solutions to the best use. This is where we differ from the rest.
We care and hence, we coach!

Our Track Record

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Wonderful Cities
Great Continents

Why You Should Work with Us

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

We are a one stop shop for all your needs in the digital arena. We craft your brand, market it and grow it for you.

Long Years of Experience

Although, we have bootstrapped only in 2020, we have more than 70 years of experience amidst our team members.

Responsive & Responsible Team

Our team is always reachable and we respond to all your queries and requests. We take ownership of the projects and ensure quick and effective completion of the same.

Handholding & Training

Not all entrepreneurs are digital savvy. We train and handhold our clients to effectively leverage the digital media for growth and expansion.

Zero Awards to Back Our Claims

Our team has received zero awards to back our claim. All the more reason for us to work extra hard and achieve that result for you.

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